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1000kg Lifting Magnet

Strong 1000kg lifting magent made from rare earth magnetic materials.

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Sales price: $ 1188.00
Tax amount: $ 108.00

Lifting Magnet - 1000kg

- Manufactured in Taiwan
- Made from "Rare Earth" magnet
- Requires no power supply
- Powerful Lifting Magnet force with 3.5 times safety co-efficient.
- Suitable for moving Plate Steel, Block Steel and Round Steel.
- Operates via an on/off switch making it very easy and convenient to operate.
- Light weight

The 3.5 times safety co-efficient means the real holding power is 3.5 times the capacity.
The 1000kg lifting magnet has a real holding power of 3500kg. This is a safety factor only and the magnet should not be used for a greater weight than its capacity.

Note: As item weighs 46kg we will contact you to advise freight costs after checkout.




Magnet in use